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The band was founded in 2001 by Peppone ( the only former member left). The name "Stige" has been taken from the river in Dante's Inferno. The band was born in Mottola (TA) and all along offers Swedish Death Metal ("Death Bloody Roll"). In 2002 the first demo "Discrimination Disgust" leads to a 
successfull exhibition as opening act to EXTREMA and NATRON. Several lineup changes keeps the band wait

ing until 2006 to release te second demo "Vortex", but during these 4 years lots of live shows were attended. Like the infernal river, Stige's soul is still flowing and yet other unfortunate lineup changes lead to the current one in which the band had the opportunity to perform as opener for EXODUS and TORTURE SQUAD. Finally, at the end of 2009 our new work is relased: "CHRISTMORPHOSIS"! the year 2011 we partecipate in the XVII edition of AGGLUTINATION METAL FEST with BULLDOZER and more...